Mixed Media Art


My Mother, My Daughter

My Mother, My Daughter, Fabric Panel

A mother nurtures hearts and develops wings.
A daughter speaks.  A mother listens.
A daughter cries.  A mother opens her arms.
A daughter hungers.  A mother feeds.
A daughter explores.  A mother watches.
A daughter dreams.  A mother dances.
A daughter sings.  A mother celebrates.
They dance.
They sing.
They elevate one another.
They give love.
They share love.
They are love.
 ~Fannie Narte

Beauty in Nature

The promise 
of the bloom,
anchored by
its potential,
a vision of possibilities
of things hoped for,
of things expected

Beauty in Nature
if we are curious,
if we can imagine . . . 
unity . . .

Beauty in Nature

if we take the time
to see . . .
 ~Fannie Narte

Life is Like White Powder

Waves swell, roll and
     dissolve into
          white powder

sometimes like
          white powder
sprinkled onto babies'


sometimes like
          sea salt
thrown onto our
 ~Fannie Narte
Three of a Kind

A bird came for a visit
while I was having lunch on the patio
He was searching for leftovers or crumbs or anything to fill its tiny belly.

I gave.

A stranger came for a visit
while I was having lunch on the lawn
She was searching for leftovers or crumbs or anything to fill her empty heart.

I gave.

 We are three of a kind
with different feathers and wings.

But we hunger for
the same.
~Fannie Narte


Before the Last Petal Falls

 Before she drew her last breath, she opened her eyes one last time.

Kneeling beside her bed,
She saw Jacqueline.

She smiled gratitude.
Jacqueline understood.

She blinked "aloha." 
Jacqueline understood.

The last petal fell.

Jacqueline wept love.
Mary understood.

Jacqueline blinked gratitude.
Mary understood.

Before the last petal fell, 
Jacqueline loved Mary Putnam.

After the last petal fell,
Jacqueline and Mary, Love.

Time and space may physically separate us from our loved ones, but love is eternal.

This quilt was donated to AAQI
~Fannie Narte


Home is Like a Rainbow
  Home . . . Is it a place?  Is it a state of being?

Home is a Safe place . . . Home is freedom and acceptance.  It's where you are free to be, free to speak, free to make mistakes, free from judgments or criticism. 

Home is a Loving place . . . Home is where you are loved unconditionally and accepted.

Home is a Hopeful place . . . Home is where your dream seeds are planted, nourished, nurtured and grow.

Home . . . Welcome Home!
 ~Fannie Narte

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