Mixed Media Art

My Art

There are two ways I create.  However it happens, I am usually inspired by a word, thought, idea, feeling, event, emotion, relationship or experience, and one of two things happen:

Throw paint on my canvas

I get out my paints and brushes and throw paint onto my canvas.  Then I carve out or sculpt the images from the mass of colors, or

Let my heart's emotions flow like a waterfall

I quickly find a quiet space and spill my emotions onto paper, preferably paper in my journal, but I'm not picky.  I write on any available paper, even the bottom of tissue boxes.  The words that give meaning to my heart's emotions flow like a waterfall onto the page and magically form phrases and sentences.  I stay with this waterfall until the last word falls and the water is clear.  This process clarifies the meaning of my inspiration and opens up a creative space, and I'm ready for my visual play with whatever medium I choose.

Sometimes I make junk

Sometimes I create paintings and quilts that make my heart sing . . . and often I create junk, the kind of junk that I don't want anyone to see.  It's only meant for me.  Junk is not bad.  Junk in this sense is good because it is but one step of many steps I need to take before that something-beautiful is ready to appear.  And when that beautiful piece of art arrives after making all the junk--it's magic!  I'm grateful.

Wait for my next magical moment

Then I look for the next magical moment to begin the process again . . . and again . . . and again . . . . Creating art is a magical experience.

Inspired by Love and Hope

A lot of my art is inspired by my daughters and relationships with my friends and family.  Because of my work with the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI), a lot of my inspiration have been ideas about lost memories, the challenges and sadness suffered by dementia patients and their families, and the hope we all have for science to correct this cruelty.

Yin and Yang

The sad emotions I experienced through my work with the AAQI organically merged with the abundant beauty and love I find in my relationships with my daughters, friends and family, to create works of art that are beautiful, but solemn; joyful, but indifferent; hopeful, but fearful.  My work has been defined as "beautiful but haunting."

Art that heals

I never set out to create a certain kind of art--abstract or realistic.  I only set out to create art that offered love, hope and possibilities, art that would heal . . . heal those that needed healing . . . patients suffering from dementia, patients suffering from cancer or other diseases, men and women who feel hopeless and fearful, teenagers who feel misunderstood, children whose dreams are never realized, families who suffer losses . . .

There is only LOVE

I have love in my life.  Love is all I want or need.  I believe that love can heal anything no matter how hopeless it looks or how overwhelming the loss feels.

You are loved

Each day I set out to create art that says "You matter,"  "You are understood," "You are loved." 

Healing the world one painting, 
one quilt, 
one work of art at a time.

With Love and Aloha,

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