Mixed Media Art

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Hearts Dance As One

This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media fiber art.

Two hearts dancing is a metaphor for the connection that takes place between two people or a group of people.

Two hearts dancing is what happens in an exciting relationship of two people in love, when friends meet for lunch and they talk for hours reminiscing, laughing and time stands still.

Two hearts dancing happens between two hearts of any kind: a girl and her rabbit, a boy and his dog.

Two hearts dancing symbolizes people engaged with one another experiencing the bond that comes from spending time with each other like when a grandmother sits at the art table and explores colors and lines and paper and glue with her grandchildren, or when a grandfather takes his grandchild on a special date to the ball game or to a skating class.  Or when a mother listens quietly to her daughter's fears, or when a father isn't afraid to hug his son.

Two hearts dancing represents the joy experienced when a lost soul returns home or when misunderstanding changes to love and acceptance.

Two hearts dancing represents peace.  It represents joy.  It represents forgiveness.  It represents understanding.  It represents acceptance.  It represents friendship.  It represents family.  It represents generosity.  It represents gratitude.  It represents grace.

Two Hearts Dancing represents LOVE.

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