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Thursday, February 28, 2013

International Association of Yiddish Clubs (IAYC)

The Face of Life

Six million perished, in an attempt to wipe out a people and their language forever.  May she be the poster child that breathes life back into them... and beckon us to listen to their stories and dreams.~Debbie Herman

Unfortunately, many world cultures have experienced similar tragedies and can relate to so much sadness and loss.  Debbie and the IAYC have given me the opportunity to share my painting as "The Face of Life."  This privilege perfectly fits my mission to "heal the world one painting, one word at a time."  Thank you, Debbie and the IAYC for this privilege.

 I am grateful to be a sponsor of the 2013 IAYC International Yiddish Conference. 

As a young girl, during a period of time before Hawaii's annexation to the United States, my mother and her classmates were severely punished for speaking the Hawaiian language in school.  Because of this, the Hawaiian language in its pure form was lost.  Today, the Hawaiian culture is undergoing a renaissance and the Hawaiian language is taught in schools.

When I married my Sweetheart and moved away from my "home," Hawaii, to his home on the mainland, I didn't realize that I was also leaving behind my beloved Hawaiian culture, its music, dance, lifestyle, love of the land and language.  Holding on to my Hawaiian culture was important because it is a part of me, a part of my history, where I came from, my ancestry.  When my daughters were born, I began teaching them their Hawaiian culture at a young age.  I shared everything I knew with them, especially music and dance.  They enjoyed learning too.  We became a performing family and shared our culture through music, song and dance with our audiences for eighteen years. Understanding one's history is important.

We intend to open the portal of Yiddish life and usher you in.
2013 IAYC International Yiddish Conference 

The IAYC is an organization that helps their members understand their Yiddish history, culture and language.  Their 15th International Yiddish Conference will be held during April 26-29 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They have a line-up of excellent presenters, speakers, activities, workshops and more.  This is what they offer:

Discover Yiddish Culture, as you  embark on a journey of a thousand years and fall in love, along the way.  Experience a multi-sensory explosion of Yiddish Culture.

Among their many projects, I am impressed with their Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names

The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names is a unique international undertaking led by Yad Vashem. It is the endeavor to recover the names and reconstruct the life stories of each individual Jew murdered in the Shoah. It is our moral duty to respect their last behest and remember them. ~IAYC

To date, the Central Database has collected 4 million names with 2 million names yet to be recovered.

Let us breathe life back into the millions who perished.  
Let us listen to their stories and dreams. ~Debbie Herman

Thank you, Debbie, IAYC, 2013 IAYC International Yiddish Conference, Yad Vashem, and others for all the work you do.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Wishes, Fabric Panel
© 2011 Fannie Narte

"Wishes" was painted during my recent trip to Hawaii.  It was inspired by the many unique hats or fascinators at the wedding of Prince William and Kate.  I like wearing hats and wish we had that English tradition and wondered what my hat would look like if I attended their wedding.  I'm not sure if my hat would look like the image in this fabric panel, but it probably would have similar colors.


Many young girls fantasize about their dream weddings.  I wonder what they see.  Do they see themselves in the perfect wedding gown with a six-foot train?  Do they see their long curls draped over their bare shoulders beneath a veil of white netting sprinkled with pearls and crystals? 

Many young women fantasize about motherhood.  I wonder what they see. Do they see their babies wrapped in warm pink and blue blankets?  Do they see their little girls dressed in pink leotards, pink tutus and pink ballet slippers?  Do they see their little boys dressed in Sunday suits or wearing their baseball caps and new tennis shoes?

Many women fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up.  I wonder what you see.  Do you see yourself painting in your dream art studio?  Do you see yourself riding that elevator to the 51st floor holding your cell phone to your ear?  Do you see yourself winning that coveted quilt award?  Do you see yourself taking that long walk up to the stage to receive your Grammy?  Do you see yourself as President of the United States?

What are your Dreams?  What are your Hopes?  What do you wish for?

In my world, all things are possible.  In my magical world, Dreams, Hopes and Wishes are realized every day.

Dreams of finding true love . . . Wishes for an exciting new adventure where two hearts and two minds and two worlds are united in one Hope.

What are your Wishes . . .

Welcome to my world.  Enjoy.

Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes
This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media painting.


The inspiration for this piece came from the title of a song by Jewel, "Violet Eyes." The lyrics to her song did not provide inspiration to the message of my painting.

The message of this painting was inspired by ideas of hope, courage, truth, love, and friendship. It is also my response to overcoming life's challenges and the effects of losses such as the tragic events reported in the news.


She lost her footing in the rain
and slipped
into a pool of mud and jagged rocks.

She could not see
the color of truth
because she was blinded
by the curtain of rain,
lost in the darkness of life.

She could not feel the color of love
because she was shattered; she was broken.

She sang her songs of agony and
danced her way through despair.

The night winds came as friends and brought hope.
The night winds came as friends and brought courage.

Nature’s tears had cleansed her soul.

In the silence of a new day,
she saw
the blessings of

In the silence of a new day,
she felt
the blessings of

In the morning of her new day,
she sang songs of truth.

In the morning of her new day,
she sang songs of love.

She could trust again. She could love again.

It was a new day. She called herself “blessed.”

In her new day,
she saw the color of truth, and
she felt the color of love.

She was Violet Eyes.

I'm grateful for my eyes. I hope to always see through violet eyes.

Two Sets of Wings

Two Sets of Wings
This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media painting.

"She had two sets of wings to help her fly." ~Fannie Narte

The messages of this piece are based on the ideas of hope, encouragement, love, family, friendship, faith and possibilities.

When you wear a second set of wings, you’re stronger, you’re better able to walk through the storms of life, through daily challenges.

When you wear a second set of wings, it offers you clarity of mind to choose your next step based on your heart’s songs. Your journey becomes one that is in tune with your faith, beliefs and dreams.

Where do we get our second set of wings? From faith, from hope, from family, from friends, from love, from words that make our hearts dance, from dreams of possibilities.

I wish you a second set of wings . . .

Two Hearts Dance As One

This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media fiber art.

Two hearts dancing is a metaphor for the connection that takes place between two people or a group of people.

Two hearts dancing is what happens in an exciting relationship of two people in love, when friends meet for lunch and they talk for hours reminiscing, laughing and time stands still.

Two hearts dancing happens between two hearts of any kind: a girl and her rabbit, a boy and his dog.

Two hearts dancing symbolizes people engaged with one another experiencing the bond that comes from spending time with each other like when a grandmother sits at the art table and explores colors and lines and paper and glue with her grandchildren, or when a grandfather takes his grandchild on a special date to the ball game or to a skating class.  Or when a mother listens quietly to her daughter's fears, or when a father isn't afraid to hug his son.

Two hearts dancing represents the joy experienced when a lost soul returns home or when misunderstanding changes to love and acceptance.

Two hearts dancing represents peace.  It represents joy.  It represents forgiveness.  It represents understanding.  It represents acceptance.  It represents friendship.  It represents family.  It represents generosity.  It represents gratitude.  It represents grace.

Two Hearts Dancing represents LOVE.


This fabric panel was produced from my original hand painted journal.


Sometimes the truths we collect throughout our journey become distorted through life's experiences.  Journaling can help us reconcile the past, understand the present and prepare ourselves for the future.

How we see changes over time, luring us closer to truth.

Live truth.  Honor truth.  Celebrate truth.

Surround Yourself With Magic

This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media painting.


Magic, miracle . . . miracle, magic.
Magic, mystery . . . mysterious, magical.
Magical surprises.

Magic is hope. Magic's twin is miracle.  Magic's cousins are mystery and surprise. Magic evokes curiosity and wonderment.

What does magic look like?

Magic is all around us. It appears in many forms. It's in the air and reveals itself in the forms of birds, butterflies, rainbows, the sun, trees, the sky . . . .

Magic is within us.  It appears in many ideas.  It's in words like hope, smile, please, adventure, possibilities, love.

Magic can be found in your imagination, in my imagination, in her imagination, in his imagination, in their imaginations. It's in your voice. It's on my canvases. It's in your thoughts. It's in my fabric. It's in our conversations with friends and family. It's in a book. It's in a hug. It's in the garden. It's in laughter. It's in music. It's in healing. It's in handshaking. It's in friendships and relationships. It's in the birth of a child. It's in the phrases "I Care," "You are special," "You're Welcome," and "Thank You."


Magic makes you believe that anything is possible.
Magic helps fear find another home.
Magic offers hope.
Magic encourages you to dream . . . to dream big . . . to dream bigger.


Surround Yourself With Magic.